TenCate Nicosil® System, an efficient, safe and clean cover solution for your silage

The TenCate Nicosil® System offers the best protection of your silage or feed.


A feed silo covered with TenCate Nicosil® System doesn’t need to be covered with sand or any other form of ballast (e.g. car tires). This will save you time and cost. During the period of the use of the silo the covers can be easily opened by one person.


TenCate Nicosil® System can quickly be rolled up and stays clean. Separate storing of individual nets is no longer necessary. Alternative ballast – like sand or tires – don’t have to be handled anymore.


TenCate Nicosil® System covers can individually be opened and closed and is adapted to the speed of feeding. Unopened feed stock will therefore keep its quality.

Watch the video and discover the benefits of the TenCate Nicosil® System:

  • The best sustainable materials

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Protective sheets can be removed individually

  • 10 year guarantee on the rugs concerning UV

  • Always the correct Nicosil® dimensions on your silage

  • No loose cloths on the pit

  • Airtight pit by bringing the Nicosil® cover to tension

  • Clean and safe working environment

  • Neat look appropriate to the modern farmer


There is a growing demand for more efficient, effective and durable solutions in the Agro industry. For TenCate this is a constant motivation to develop – often in close cooperation with our customers – the best solutions.

Our ambition is to supply, stronger, lighter, safer and more durable products than traditional materials and systems. Creating solutions that will create long-lasting value to our customers.

TenCate has been active in the Agro industry for decades. TenCate Nicosil® silage covers is only one of the succesfull examples. More than 30 years our silage protection nets have been saving your precious cattle feed.

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